Infosys iRace + New Model Unveiled at Analyst Meet

We attended the Infosys Technologies Analyst meet and here are the key takeaways. One-third of the total revenues from non-linear streams in the long term. Power focus on S&M team expansion / investments and re-alignment of human asset base (called iRACE) for higher technical / management / vertical depth.

Infosys envisages a revenue mix of 1:1:1 from business transformation, strategic global sourcing and new engagement models.

Organisation structure strengthened via increased thrust on technical / managerial skills development, higher investments in S&M and raising performance benchmark. S&M team strengthened via 30% increase in sales force from 700 to 900/ 1000 by year end.

HRD – Investments in building technology depth (2) creation of 25 career streams (3) creation of career paths and lattices (4) increasing span of control (Software Engineers: Project Analysts: Project Managers now increased to 1:3:9 vs 1:2:4.5 earlier) and (5) enhancing bill ability of its human resource asset.

India business update: Presently revenue from India contributes 1.2% to total revenue (Q2FY10). India biz has a 90 people sales team and 25 clients across verticals. Government is the biggest IT spender in the domestic IT market.

New verticals for higher growth include Lifesciences & Healthcare, Government.