India Real Estate Mutual Funds

Now small/retail Indian invetors can also ride the Indian realty boom. Highlights of Subrmanyams article as it appeared on Moneycontrol. SEBI has released gudieliness on Realty Mutual Funds.

Advantages to the investor
Reduction of Risk (single property vs. a portfolio of property)
Smaller amounts can be invested
Easy Redemption

However for the savvy investor with good investible surplus, and a high risk appetite the returns from a direct investment in property could be higher. However such a savvy class is in the minority.

Disadvantages to the investor
1. Lack of transparency in deals.
2. Inadequate documentation of history of prices at which deals are struck.
3. Cash element.
4. Legal hassles.
5. Low professionalism.
6. Low regulation
7. Lesser liquidity especially as compared to equity markets
8. The industry could also be a victim of pricing manipulation or fraud
9. Lack of talent appropriate for this industry
10. High transaction costs.
11. Lack of uniformity of laws governing property across many States in India.

Also how will the NAV be calculated ? What are the basis for the same ? It is unclear until someone really hits the market.

NOTE: Till now HDFC & Kotak had realty funds which was only for the high networth individuals(Minimum Rs 5 crores investment was needed with a lockin period of 3 years or 7 years)