Place your speculative bet with George Soros

World Famous speculator, George Soros is busy mopping up stocks on Dalal Street of companies operating in the Indian Realty and Infrastructure sector through his Quantum Funds.

George Soros through his Quantum fund has invested in the following Indian companies,

  • Unitech – Rs200 crores
  • GMR Infrastructure – Rs70 crores
  • Anant Raj Industries Ltd – 1% equity at Rs680/Share from secondary market. Confirmed by Amit Sarin, Director Anant Raj Industries Ltd (ARIL).

Here are some facts about the Indian Real Estate Sector. Note that George has a history of making money within a short time. George Soros is not an investor but a speculator. He doesn’t care if the country’s economy will collapse and is willing to go to any extent to protect his investments.

George should have read my article about RBI’s concern over real estate bubble in India. I have no faith in any of the companies George on BUYINg, so if you like to speculate little bit, please go ahead 🙂