SIP Investments – 2

Time to remind all the investors not to get caught with the frenzy of rising stock markets and I really hope they have some eggs in SIP to drink their cup of tea after retirment sip by sip ;-). Discpline is a must.

Read my earlier post on SIP Investments. The markets were at peak in March-06 and hence the returns mentioned in that report were quite exuberent and its not worth expecting so much though if you get it, you can have a blast.

For quarter ending June-30th, the sensex was at 10,300, reasonable level. Here is the performance of my favorite funds, (check out they all now have ValuResearch ratings of 5, except Top-200).

Lets look at the difference in SIP returns(all compounded) since inception when the sensex was at 12,000 and whe it was at 10,000.

HDFC Equity Fund 41.04% 34.15%
HDFC Top-200 35.44 % 31.78%
HDFC LongTerm Advantage 63.45% 52.91%
HDFC Tax Saver 50.07% 44.75%

Equity and Top 200 have history of 10+ years while the other two have 5+ years.

Questions, comments and critics are welcome. Happy investing.