BSE Sensex Target of 18,400 for DEC-08

The Indian market bounced back during 1H07 after jitters caused by inflation,
rate hikes, tightening liquidity and currency appreciation, but it still lagged
regional peers. Citi believes the worst is over on the above concerns and growth remains robust (though less spectacular than recent years), Citi is positive on Indian equities over the next 6-12 months. Citi sets a Sensex target of 16,000 for Dec-07 (at the upper end of our earlier 14,700-16,000 target) and 17,500-18,400 for Dec-08, the market would be trading at a 12-month forward P/E of 17.3x and 16.3-17.1x for Dec-07 and Dec-08, respectively.

The average growth of EPS for SENSEX stocks is expected to be 15.08% for FY08 and 12.4% for FY09. Here is Historical Chart of BSE Sensex Stocks based on their forward Earnings Projections. If you want to read the full report send an e-mail to feedback @

In our view Sensex is a notional value. Keep BUYING wherever you find value. Small investors should take the Mutual Fund SIP route.