Performance of Various Asset Classes

We are presenting to you the YoY change in %ge of various asset classes comprising commodities, bonds, equity indices. Nickel and Zinc are the top losers in the last 12 months while Crude, Soyabeans and Corn are the biggest gainers. The BSE Sensex occupies the Median slot in the list, check it out

-52.73 Nickel
-45.84 Zinc
-18.28 Nikkie
-16.42 US 10 Year
-10.63 Lead
-7.87 FTSE
-6.43 Dow Jones Industrial Average
-4.76 UK 10 Year
-0.6 Sugar
0.11 Germany 10 Year
0.62 India 10 Year
0.78 Japan 10 Year
4.72 Aluminum
8.7 Copper
13.46 BSE – Sensex
17.81 Silver
18.14 Cotton
18.53 Paladium
29.11 Gold
39.07 Naturalgas
40.64 Brazil – Bovespa Equity Index
52.53 Wheat
57.95 Platinum
60.12 Corn
68.54 Soybeans
82.32 Crude

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    i hold some stock not a big time investor but yes a small time investor, now looking at the market condition i guess thigns may guess worse how do i come out of the market or balance it. As well i do hold some MF and SIP, seems things are not going good.

    Can you help me out

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