OIL India – Oversubscription + Listing Estimates

Since we are the pioneers in giving good recommendations for IPOs backed by thorough Research, here is how OIL India IPO subscription will look like.

Retailers have an appetite of ~ 6500 cr for IPO market. OIl India Retail portion is Rs 750 cr at the upper band. So OIL India’s Retail Portion of the IPO is likely to subscribe by 8 to 10 times. All Applications of Rs 94500 bidding for 90 shares are likely to be allotted 10 shares.

Our sources in the Ministry and company have said that OIL India will list on the Indian Stock Exchanges on September 29th.

We recommend a SUBSCRIBE to OIL India IPO and we do not believe in stupid Grey market Premium or Discount, OIL is a fundamentally sound company. Go for it.

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