Retailers Subscribe NHPC In Big Way – Pool 6800 Cr

Small Indian Investors also known as retailers have come out in a big way and embraced the Clean and Green Energy IPO of NHPC Ltd. NHPC was asking for Rs 6100 cr and Retail Indian investors by themselves could have subscribed to the issue in FULL as they have bid for a whopping Rs 6835 cr. Compare this to mere Rs 2608 cr bids for Adani Power by Indian Retailers. Well Indian Retail investors know the background of Adani Group, do we need to say more 🙂

Overall the NHPC IPO was subscribed whopping 23 times. That means when the Government wants to raise Rs 6000 cr, there is a demand of over Rs 138,000 Cr 🙂

Do not SELL the stock on Listing. Hold for Long Term as ad vised while recommending a subscribe to the issue.