HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Investment Update – Q3

I have been regularly updating the status of HDFC SIP Investments every quarter.

The markets were at a peak in March and bottomed out in June and are once again at the highest peak in the Indian history of stockmarkets now. I really hope you folks will stick to discplined SIP investments like I do 🙂

Here is an update of various HDFC Mutual Fund schemes at the end of Q3-2006.(Sept-2006)
SIP has always outperfored lumpsum investments. Check out for the performance of the following funds which I have been updating since last 6 months.

Report on the performance of the above four funds at end of Q1 and Q2 are made available.
Q1-2006 report is available here.
Q2-2006 report is available here.

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