Buy Paper Gold through Mutual Funds

Gone are the days when women would love to be in Gold Shell. I do agree that Gold is a conservative investment option and you need to have small part of your assets in Gold. No more need to BUY expensive lockers to preserve the same. BUY Benchmark Asset Managements Gold Fund – Units. Yes as simple as that. Benchmark fund invests in physical gold through HDFC Bank [custodian of your Gold] and you are the owner of the same.

Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme (Gold BeES) offers investors an innovative, cost-efficient and secure way to access the gold market. Gold BeES is intended to offer investors a means of participating in the gold bullion market without taking physical delivery of gold, and to buy and sell on National Stock Exchange (NSE).

For Offer Details Kindly refer the document here. [PDF]

Benchmark Asset Management company is the same company that introduced award winning Nifty BeES the first exchange traded fund for which they won the Golden Peacock Award.

My sources in Mumbai have confirmed that after this year’s budget, Real Estate Mutual Funds will also come into existence so that everybody can ride the Indian real estate boom.