Reliance to launch Gold ETF

Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund is an open ended Gold Exchange Traded Fund which will track the performance of Gold Bullion. The units issued under the scheme will represent the value of gold held in the scheme. It is designed to provide returns that, before expenses, closely correspond to the returns provided by domestic price of Gold.

  • You will hold Gold in DEMAT form
  • Do not worry about the security as their is a Custodian like for your shares [ NSDL ]
  • Transparency – High
  • Denomination – 1 Gram and in multiples of 1 Gram
  • Retail investors can trade on NSE
  • Best advantage is you don’t pay any wealth tax on the Gold units you hold [Physical Gold is liable for Wealth Tax]
  • Capital Gains – Applicable [No Security Transaction Tax]

NFO Opens: 15thOct,07
NFO Closes: 1stNov, 07

Investors looking to purchase Gold can invest in this fund. Questions and comments on Mutual Funds maybe sent to feedback @ dalalstreet. biz