Changing Coverage Patern – Your Views ?

In the past 3 years you have read us covering about individual companies from various Research entities. Since 2008, research reports have followed the markets, the fall and then the rise. Hence, we got together and have come with a new idea on presenting the coverage that will be more helpful to Investors / Readers. We now propose to overhaul the entire reporting pattern so that Investors can take informed decision and invest wisely.

Here are some tips on how we will be shaping future coverage,

We will henceforth be covering only BSE-200 companies with a new Tracker interface.

The interface will include fundamental update on the company and as and when the operational metrics change [Govt Policies, Equity Dilution, Rise in Interest Rate etc] we will cover the impact on the same. In the above interface we will voice the opinion of every research house that has revised the coverage.

We will restrict coverage to top research house only – 9 to 10 Foreign and 3 to 4 Indian.

If there are any out of the box [outside BSE-200] multibaggers, then we will definitely update about the same.

We would like to hear your views, especially if you have any ideas to enhance the reading experience as well as decision making process. Kindly feel free to leave a comment or, e-mail us to feedback @

2 thoughts on “Changing Coverage Patern – Your Views ?

  1. Most of the research reports are baseless and biased. Hence we request you to evaluate those reports and guide us to make informed decision will help us a lot.

  2. I have been following your portal for the last three years and have been making my decisions based on it – be it IPO issue of Cairn India or DLF and also the secondary mkts too. Your own research work is of the highest standards and I have benefitted by going with those. Now that you have decided to be more responsible and improve the reporting pattern I would like to extend my best wishes. I also recommend that whatever your articles are about they should be posted in time so that we have enough time to react to the news and views and news on multi baggers be verified and posted asap.

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