Indian Finance & Banking Upgraded With Business Oriented Government

May 20, 2014

Which Stocks in Indian financials to BUYThe Business oriented Government of Shri Modi Ji indicates a sharp pickup in economic growth in FY 2016 and slow the bad loan formation for Indian banks with strong possibility of recovery of restructured assets. Credit costs should stay elevated, given low coverage levels right now – but likely to be lower than our earlier estimates.

PSU banks like SBI, PNB etc need significant amounts of capital, given the weakness of tier 1, regulatory catch-up, unprovisioned NPL’s, and to fund economic growth. Stronger government raises hope that banks will be properly capitalized rather than piecemeal approach, which has been adopted till now by the previous impotent Congress Govt. To give a shot Read more

Post Correction – FII India Equity Strategy

February 10, 2010

Post Correction of 10% in Indian Equities, FIIs are weighing their Equity Strategy in India and their Long Term Investment Outlook. Before we present to you about their Strategies, we are just little over 2 weeks away from the second budget by the new Government – so this month will be a month of volatility. We have always advised you to BUY on correction [dalalstreet on twitter] and maintain the same tone – BUY.

So far into Q3, FY10 results Media, Banks, Telecom, IT have been Read more

Equity Outlook – Buy the Sell Off – HDFC Bank

February 8, 2010

Here is the outlook of Indian Equity Market by Analysts of HDFC Bank’s Private Wealth Management Group – largely in-line with other fund managers of the HDFC Group [ Mutual Fund and Insurance]

India’s overall growth remains robust led by a strong performance in the Manufacturing and Services segment due to visible improvements in the consumption demand. India remains amongst the fastest growing economies globally inspite of lingering concerns on the global front. Q3FY10 results came on expected lines with no major surprises. Union Budget & International events is likely to provide further direction to the markets. Read more