Indian Finance & Banking Upgraded With Business Oriented Government

May 20, 2014

Which Stocks in Indian financials to BUYThe Business oriented Government of Shri Modi Ji indicates a sharp pickup in economic growth in FY 2016 and slow the bad loan formation for Indian banks with strong possibility of recovery of restructured assets. Credit costs should stay elevated, given low coverage levels right now – but likely to be lower than our earlier estimates.

PSU banks like SBI, PNB etc need significant amounts of capital, given the weakness of tier 1, regulatory catch-up, unprovisioned NPL’s, and to fund economic growth. Stronger government raises hope that banks will be properly capitalized rather than piecemeal approach, which has been adopted till now by the previous impotent Congress Govt. To give a shot Read more

Indian Banks in for Long Gloom Phase – Govt Policies Punishing The Good not Thugs

August 16, 2013

Indian Banks Messed up for Corrupt Govt PoliciesThe incompetent Government of India under Scandalous Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh Locked in Policy & Governance Paralysis displeased the Foreign Investors who are on a Selling Spree in Indian Debt & Equity over the last 2 Months has led to the sharp Fall in Indian Rupee. The RBI which is at loggerheads with the Finance Ministry over Monetary Policies took Drastic Measure to suck all excess Liquidity to stabilize the Indian Rupee has been in Vain as neither the Rupee halted its decline nor the Inflation came under control. All this has led to the Punishment of Citizens and Businesses operating under the ambit of RBI and Tax Authorities while the Goons & Thugs(Politicians) operating in the Black Money sectors of Gold, Silver and Real Estate are largely untouched by the impotent measures of the authorities.

How does Policy Paralysis of Govt & RBI Actions Affect Indian Banks ?
The recent liquidity tightening measures by RBI Read more