Congress Governments Policy Failure & Corruption Puts RBI in Tough Spot as Rupee Hits Life Time Low

July 8, 2013

Indian Rupee Free Fall Against USDThe Stagflation [Stagnancy of Reforms since Scams Broke Out + Inflation] prevalent in India, accelerated by Populist measures such as Free Food Security Bill for Votes [Costing the Nation Rs 125,000 Crore every Year] has put additional pressure on the Indian Rupee as it hit an all time low of Rs 61.53 against USD since independence in 1947. Indian Central Bankers, RBI is busy as it is caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and here is an excerpt of their strategies to protect Indians from the vested politics of Central Government.

Limited FX intervention RBI will intervene only to provide liquidity to FOREX markets and not to influence its direction. The central bank thinks Read more