L G Balakrishnan & Bros – Review and Recommendation

L G Balakrishnan & Bros (LGBL), the flagship company of ELGI Group, is a leading supplier of transmission chains to the automobile industry under the brand, Rolon. Transmission chains are also known as automotive chains. LGBL has a around 70% market share in the OEM chain segment and around 50% market share in the replacement segment. The technology is the entry barrier in this business as chains are precision components. As vehicles become sleeker and powerful, the chain quality has to improve.

The transmission segment mainly caters to OEMs and replacement (more…)

FIIs Bullish on Indian Banks / Financial Sector

FIIS Bullish on Indian BanksThe optimism and hope of a stable Government coupled with macro-economic parameters has led to Foreign Institutional Investors shoring up Indian Equities. The strengthening of Indian rupee and confidence in the new RBI governor’s policies and outlook, receding macro concerns like CAD, lower inflation and fiscal deficit numbers. More importantly, they seem to be looking at the overall GEMS market and India looks far better than any of the other members in the BRICS – China has its own issues, especially the banking system, where no one seems to believe the numbers and most investors perceive stress is very high, Russia and Brazil are not favoured, and more importantly.

If there is any further rally after a favourable election verdict, a (more…)

Congress’ NREGA Scam Led to High Inflation – How Modi will Create 10 Crore Jobs ?

How Congress Govt Killed Labour reformsEconomic Rsearchers have been able to establish definite co-relation between Congress Government’s flawed Policy and the Labour Market and thus its impact on the Inflation. Rural wages have been growing by 17% on average since FY07 and have outstripped urban wages. A number of government programs have supported this, including the NREGA (A Massive Scam as Shown on Satyamev Jayate) which provides 100 days of employment to a member of each rural family.

Economic Researchers have found evidence to support the hypothesis that inflation has been higher in states where NREGA has been implemented to a greater degree. Not only are (more…)

BJP’s Alliance in Bihar & Tamilnadu Boost SENSEX

As we get closer to elections, political parties are stitching together alliances to help their electoral prospects. The BJP seems to be ahead in the race reinforcing their image of being the frontrunner in the polls. It has also belied some apprehensions that Narendra Modi being at the helm would prevent allies from joining the party. Key alliances formed by the BJP include (a) Bihar (LJP, RLSP), (b) Tamil Nadu (5 Parties), and (c) Haryana (HJC). It is also likely to announce an alliance in Andhra Pradesh with TDP, as per media reports.

Why Tamilnadu Alliance is Shot in the Arm of BJP ?
BJP announced a major alliance in the (more…)

How Retail Investors Can Make Money in Claris Lifesciences Buy Back ?

Calris Life Sciences Buy BackClaris Lifesciences has announced an offer for buyback of 9.25 million shares (representing 14.49% of equity share capital) at a price of Rs250 per share on a proportionate basis through the tender offer process. The stock is currently trading at Rs189.

The objective of the Buy Back is to return surplus cash to the Equity Shareholders of the Company. In accordance with Regulation 6 of the Buy (more…)

How Economists in Congress Regime – Chidambaram & Anand Sharma Destroyed Indian Economy ?

Breaking News - ExclusiveWe’d like to highlight how the so called Economic Think Tanks in the Congress Government destroyed the Indian Economy even though they were wearing the mask of Mr. Right & Bright but in reality the Graphs of Economy presented below give a “Failure” Grade to Mr P. Chidambram (Finance Minister) who inherited a bad economy and Mr. Anand Sharma (Commerce Minister) vocally defending his Scamster colleagues. The Corrupt Congress regime is to be blamed for all the Adversaries in the Indian Economy as presented by facts and Graphs from our Research Database.

Pathetic Quarterly GDP Growth of mere 4% in the Last 12 months due to Impotent Governance by (more…)