How Economists in Congress Regime – Chidambaram & Anand Sharma Destroyed Indian Economy ?

Breaking News - ExclusiveWe’d like to highlight how the so called Economic Think Tanks in the Congress Government destroyed the Indian Economy even though they were wearing the mask of Mr. Right & Bright but in reality the Graphs of Economy presented below give a “Failure” Grade to Mr P. Chidambram (Finance Minister) who inherited a bad economy and Mr. Anand Sharma (Commerce Minister) vocally defending his Scamster colleagues. The Corrupt Congress regime is to be blamed for all the Adversaries in the Indian Economy as presented by facts and Graphs from our Research Database.

Pathetic Quarterly GDP Growth of mere 4% in the Last 12 months due to Impotent Governance by Short Sighted and Selfish Congress Ministers.
India GDP Growth

Look at the Dismal Corporate Earnings Growth for 10 years during Congress Regime A suicide for Indian Businessmen. The Graph if not arrested now will hit another Low.
Industrial Production(IP) the barometer for the Indian Economy has been negative in the Last 12 months under the Congress led UPA Government
India IP Growth
Infrastructure Projects Under Execution has been Declinig rapidly in the Last 4 Years as Supreme Court took the impotent Congress Government to task questioning every tender which was sanctioned with heavy corruption.
Projects Implementation
Automobile Sales – Light Commercial vehicles the Backbone of Trillion Dollar Indian SMEs have seen negative Growth due to Pathetic Policies of Anand Sharma and Manmohan SinghAuto Sales
The Indian Rupee Hit an All time Low since the Independence of India in 1947 due to Worst Policies of Congress led UPA Government one amongst them was Retrospective Amendment of Tax Laws
Finance minister P. Chidambaram who is scared to face defeat in the Lok Sabha polls of 2014 miserably failed to control Inflation which was steady at 9% for a whopping 4 years. Look at the Whole Sale Price Index(WPI) of India vs Asia Pacific excluding Japan in the chart below.
Inflation India

You take any chart across the Economic Indicators and they look Bad for the Nation. This Corrupt Congress Government Must Face Miserable Defeat in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Polls 2014. We Challenge Any Reader to show one chart that is Good for the Indian Economy and the Nation.

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