Which are the Sunrise Sectors to Spot Multibagger in the 2014 NaMo Bull Run ?

May 29, 2014

Sunrise Sector Stocks - MultibaggersThe Equity Market is the Only Market with Ocean of Opportunities. However, this is a Game for Smart or rather Extremely Smart Investors to make Big Money. In order to educate Investors with the Zeal and Caliber to spot the next Multibagger, we’d like to enlighten about certain Sunrise Sectors which throw this opportunity without mentioning any stock and we’ll leave to the readers to spot the stock and write as comment.

One of the Most prominent sector to spot multi-baggers is Specialised infrastructure and related services – In the last bull run we saw the rise (and fall) of infrastructure companies involved in more plain-vanilla businesses like Read more

15 Year Boom & Bust Cycle of Industrial Sectors

May 29, 2014

Breaking News - ExclusiveIndian Retail investors obsess about headline index levels, often missing out the main contributors for the rapid rise in the SENSEX. Investors get the market direction correct, but end up with stocks in their portfolios that are under-performing the market. One of the common reasons this happens, is because of the tendency of investors to look at the big winners of the previous bull market and to assume that they would re-emerge as winners in the next bull run. In the bust that follows the boom, the leaders of the previous bull run, after an exaggerated rally, typically see a very sharp correction in stock prices.

Consider the case of Read more

Indian Finance & Banking Upgraded With Business Oriented Government

May 20, 2014

Which Stocks in Indian financials to BUYThe Business oriented Government of Shri Modi Ji indicates a sharp pickup in economic growth in FY 2016 and slow the bad loan formation for Indian banks with strong possibility of recovery of restructured assets. Credit costs should stay elevated, given low coverage levels right now – but likely to be lower than our earlier estimates.

PSU banks like SBI, PNB etc need significant amounts of capital, given the weakness of tier 1, regulatory catch-up, unprovisioned NPL’s, and to fund economic growth. Stronger government raises hope that banks will be properly capitalized rather than piecemeal approach, which has been adopted till now by the previous impotent Congress Govt. To give a shot Read more

Rise of Narendra Modi Ji – BSE Sensex & Nifty Targets 2014 2015

May 19, 2014

Rise of BJP in IndiaShri Narendra Modi, led BJP has emerged Victorious beyond expectations decimating the Corrupt & Paralyzed Congress which killed the Indian Economy. This is a decisive electoral verdicts since 1984 with the pre poll NDA alliance surpassing the most optimistic forecasts. The political platform now delivered to the NDA is historic and should result in a simultaneous revival of investor, consumer and corporate confidence. With the economy and the investment cycle at the center focus of the new government, equity markets are likely to react to the verdict with euphoria.

India is entering its fourth wave. In the previous three waves, more than two-thirds of all stockmarket returns have come in the first three years.

While the budget will now emerge as the next key milestone for the market, investors should begin to assess what the next government Read more

Accumulate Bajaj Electricals – Review

May 14, 2014

Bajaj Electricals Stock ReviewBajaj Electricals (BEL) incorporated in 1938 is engaged in business appliances, fans, lighting, luminaries and engineering and projects. BEL is a part of the Rs. 20000 crore Bajaj Group. Shekhar Bajaj is the Current CMD of the company and we give a 5/5 for the Management Track Record.. For decades the company had been into the consumer electrical business. In the last few years it has diversified into E&P. Bajaj Electricals (BJE) has now been ranked as the top E&P player by Powergrid Corporation. In FY14, order inflow increased 106% and losses declined. Given the softening copper price and a possible recovery in the housing sector post the elections, the stock is due for re-reating.

The consumer business’ revenue growth Read more

FIIs Views on Indian Exit Poll Results

May 13, 2014

Breaking News - ExclusiveWe Summarize the Views of Foreign Institutional Investors the Big Movers and Shakers of Indian Stock Market on the Exit Poll Results.

BOFA Merrill Lynch
Exit polls indicate advantage for BJP-led NDA. Expect 8% return by year-end on the Sensex. Sensex target at 25,500 on stabel Govt scenario. GDP growth likely to recover slowly to 5.4% in FY15. Expect $25bn of portfolio flows to get rupee to 57 – 58 levels. Expect rupee Read more

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