Advance Tax Filings for FY2009

Breaking NewsThe last date to file first installment of Advanced Tax for FY2009, was June-15th. We have obtained Advance Tax figures for SENSEX heavy weights.

  • SAIL paid an Advanced Tax of Rs 457 crore against Rs 454 crore year ago
  • ICICI Bank has paid Rs 340 crore Vs Rs 250 crore a year ago
  • SBI has paid Rs 663 crore Vs Rs 503 crore a year ago
  • IDBI Bank has paid mere Rs 10 crore Vs Rs 7 crore a year ago
  • Reliance Industries paid Rs 340 cr Vs 295 cr a year ago
  • Bajaj Auto paid Rs 50 cr Vs Rs 60 cr a year ago
  • HDFC’s Advance Tax shot up by 40% to Rs 140 cr Vs Rs 95 cr
  • Tata Motors paid Rs 30 cr and Ambuja Cement Rs 100 cr

Keep checking we will update as more corporates file their advance tax numbers with us 🙂

So far their is no dip showing any signs of potential slowdown. However, what’s bothering investors is how will the government tackle likely double digit inflation ?