BSE SENSEX – Historical Performance since 1979

We’d like to share with you the Historical Performance of BSE Sensex since its inception in 1979 till March-2006. All the Values for the SENSEX in the Chart below are as on March-31st for respective year.

How to Interpret the Data Table ?
1- Year Indicates – Return of SENSEX between April-1st to Next Macrh-31st.
3 – Year Indicates – Return on SENSEX for the immediate previous 3 years.
Similarly for 5 Years, 7 Years, 10 Years, 15 Years and 20 Years.

BSE SENSEX Historical Returns from 1979 till 2006 YoY Basis – CAGR Method.

To illustrate with an example, the 20 Year Return on SENSEX Indicates a Point to Point Return between April-1st-1986 till March-31st-2006 which is a 16.06%.