HDFC Bank Online Mutual Fund Interface Sucks

India’s leading Private Bank, HDFC Bank is an arrogant bank and sucks badly in customer service.

Here is a Case Study on how HDFC Bank has violated the norms of Association of Mutual Funds of India in providing online mutual fund access to its consumers. I am one of the victim.

I bought units worth Rs 5,000 in Tata Index Fund Nifty Plan – Option A – Dividend Reinvestment. I had downloaded and read the offer document twice before investing. After my initial investment, the market fell and I wanted to BUY some more units, say worth Rs 2,000. I log on to my HDFC Bank and I was shocked that their interface doesn’t let me invest less than Rs 5,000. I bought this to the attention of customer service and they are writing back that it has been clearly mentioned in terms and conditions. I wrote back saying HDFC Bank cannot float its own norms and they have to follow AMFI and Terms mentioned in the offer document. Unfortunately, I can’t sue them because of WEAK legal system in India.

Here are the screen shots to prove my point.

This is how HDFC Bank takes customers for a ride. I would advise all our readers to stay away from HDFC Bank’s Online Mutual Fund interface for investing.

One thought on “HDFC Bank Online Mutual Fund Interface Sucks

  1. Hi,

    To understand the level of cheating of HDFC Bank, plz read this.

    1. Dear Frndz, there is TRAP waiting for all of U( domestic and international)… its called the UNHOLY HDFC SLIC-Insurance. All the NRIs are targeted. Though this is done by all Pvt Banks here. But HDFC Bank is the master of cheating clients. For ur information, Bank gets 30-40% profit by selling Insurance to the clients and the parasites called Cluster Heads, Regional heads and all the Di.k Heads are going abroad and enjoying Booz Parties with lady collegues who r getting promoted. Not a single penny is given to the poor Personal Bankers, Relationship Managers or PB/TA Authorisers.

    U invest in Insurance but not from HDFC bank branches otherwise b ready for ‘ SAR MUDA KE JIO’.

    2. HDFC Bank have started Band1 and Band2 exercise, which means eradicating less profitable accounts from the Branch and whipped the Branch Staffs not to give any service to those customers. I have got the Bank Guideline in my hand and can be handy when I drag Mr. Puri’s pathetic top mgemt team’ to RBI and Consumer Forum as this is a Slap to RBI Legislation.

    3. HDFC Bank’s so called pass book is mockery of regualtors guidelines. Mr. Aditya Puri is making fool of RBI and individuals by providing this pass book. Even some people have thrown these pass book on the face of staff and said” why you are making fool of us “.

    4. The Natsy Top Mgmt of HDFC Bank have created a pack of ever hungry unholy beasts called CH, RH, ZH, ZSM, RSM whose main task is to live like a Parasite and suck the bloods of thousands of employees and implement the rule of the jungle.

    5. HDFC Gold Bar–Mr. Puri,
    Why your gold prices are 2000+rs per 10gm higher as compared to market price. Not only with local jewellers but even when compared with branded jewellers(24 carat 99.99 % pure)these are very costly. Can you re-purchase the Bars from the customers? Why? Have you ever tried to find out how much Gold you have sold to HDFC Employees? Less than 1% of total sale. Coz employees very well know that only the scape goat called ‘customers’ will be cheated.
    Dear Frnds, do u want to purchase Gold Bar from HDFC Bank nd enjoy Dhanteras or Diwali after knowing all this?


    In case of any loan, the Interest rate should be charged on the net disbursed amount( Net dibursed Amt= Sanctioned Amount- Processing Fee-Other Charges). But HDFC Bank charges the Interest on the sanctioned amount. Mr. Puri, can anyone tell me from ur Team, why customers pay interest for the amount which is already taken by you at the first place? Proc fee u have never disbursed to the customers but u r shamelessly taking interest from the customers. Why??? U bloody cheaters.

    In lieu with RBI Guideline, Puri charges 4% Foreclosure for Premature Loan closure or Loan Balance Transfer and even in case of Top Ups. When someone is repaying the Principle amount, you should give them some discount for their assertiveness. But you are penalising instead. What is this?

    For the Information to the customers of any Money minting Pvt Banks, Foreclosure charge is not to be given if you are pre-paying Loans from ur own pocket. If u r transfering the Principal Outstanding to other BANKS, then there is a provision of a Charge.

    You directly mail to the Top Management of HDFc Bank and choke their mailbox:

    Mail to:,,,,,,,,,,, ZH)

    8. HDFC Top Management made the employees at lower mgmt to sell some of the ‘Award Winning’ products which only can be sold when you mis-sell or half sell or under sell or by putting a Gun at customer’s head. When a customer complains, it is the poor hand to mouth earning PB/RM is put infront of the Firing Squad by these CHs. PB/RMs’ career is at stake becoz the management who is instigating to hit the dash board in every sec mail by the theory of BEG BORROW STEAL and UNDER SELL will stand down.

    9. HDFC Bank and Restaurants

    Mr. Puri, u actually dont know what do you want. Your country head forwarded a mail, which is written by sarfaraz ahamad, an ex HDFC bank employee and presently working with DSP merril lynch, on 19/09/08 in which he compared grocery shops and restaurants with bank. According to that bank employee should not have any life as he mentioned by way of powerpoint presentation that when restaurant does not ask for food to be ordered in particular business hour say 9 to 5. Then he said If you buy a shirt from zodiac store from mumbai then you can get this replaced in kolkatta from a another shop of zodiac and this is a lie of that year as it is not easy to get the goods exchanged from the same shop also.If Mr sarafaraz is fan of this idea then why he had left HDFC Bank.

    As a Samosa Bank, ur customers tell ‘sometimes we don’t understand whether we are in HDFC Bank Branch or local train compartment’. There is no difference between Hawkers and ur Sales Managers.

    U made their life like rotten Hell. How you expect them to provide service to the customers, when your tendency is to suck every penny of a common man?

    Your employees are no more frightened from Cancer, AIDS, Heart Attack, Rail/Road Accidents because the virus you have made (i.e. CHs, ZHs, ASMs, RSMs, ZSMs) are spreading MEMO disease. Every now and then employees fear this deadly disease. CHs, RHs can unanimously issue Memos to everybody without providing the chance to defend. Even Aajmal Kasabh getting a fair chance of defending himself, why can’t your employees get any? Is your HR sleeping?
    Ur HR is a Piece of Bloody SHIT.

    Under the circumstances, dear frndz, i will reveal more spine chilling organized cheating of HDFC Bank in due course. In the meantime you stay away from HDFC Bank and make a consensus to Boycott the Bank and its Sales Agents

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