BSE Sensex – 1990 to 2008

This is the Best BSE Sensex historical graph I have ever seen and hence sharing it with you all. The Graph image can be enlarged to see Mean, Mean SD, Mean+ 2SD and Roll P/E.
Historical BSE India Sensex Graph from 1990 to 2008As the economy improved and the breadth of the markets increased, the SENSEX Rolling P/E has made lower peaks. 1992-93 peak was a result of Harshad Mehta Scam and 1999-2000 is Ketan Parekh + Sandeep Sabharwal IT Stocks Scandal [Inline with Global Dot Com Boom]

Graph Source: Citigroup + Bloomberg.

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  1. It is Too Generic a Question. I’d suggest you keep the Fundamental earnings in in Mind and Start Trading, BUY when it Appears Undervalued and Sell when Overvalued w.r.t Fundamental Earnings. Unfortunately that is the only way to make money in Indian Equities.

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