HDFC TaxSaver – Fund Manager Analysis

Betaing the MarketsWe recommend investing by means of SIP in HDFC TaxSaver Fund [ELSS]. Here is a small analysis on how these fund managers adjust the folios to beat the benchmarks even when the markets under turmoil and thus crate wealth for discplined investors like us.

Assume your SIP is on the 15th of Every Month. The Market hit a bottom of 12,676 [BSE Sensex] on July-15th. NAV of this fund on that date is Rs 122.67. On Sept-15th, Sensex is at 13,531 and NAV of this fund is Rs 137.29.

The benchmark index has risen by 6.7% while the NAV of the fund has appreciated by 11.9% between the above two dates [15/7 and 15/9] So this is how with continuous monitoring and shuffling of portfolio the fund managers beat benchmarks. His job now is to fall slower than the markets and he is a winner 🙂