HDFC Mutual Funds Review – Beating the Benchmarks

In a somewhat delayed review [FOR March-2010 Quarter], we will review the performance of the the Funds that we have been recommending for quite a long time now.

HDFC Equity Fund – The fund continues to beat the benchmark S&P CNX 500 by a Huge Margin. The fund mainly consists of Large Cap Stocks with some flavor or Midcaps in the Growth sector.
Returns Delivered by HDFC Equity Fund – Data Suggests that 15 year SIP has yielded you 30.09% while a 10 year SIP would have made your portfolio richer by 32.50% [tremendous returns in our view]

HDFC Top 200 Fund – This is the largest Organically Grown Fund in the Indian Mutual Fund Industry. We take pride in having recommended this fund since we began our online publication. The fund consists of mainly BSE 200 Stocks with little bit higher exposure to Midcaps compared to Equity Fund.
Returns Delivered by HDFC Top 200 Fund – Data suggests that 14 year SIP in HDFC Top 200 Fund has yielded 28.33% returns and 10 year SIP has yielded 32.54% compounded returns.

HDFC Tax Saver Fund Growth – This fund somewhat underperformed in 2008 as we had seen a change in Fund Manager. However, without any pressure to perform on a QoQ basis, the fund manager picks stocks for 3 year period and makes a killing out of it. HDFC Tax Saver Fund has given returns of 34.39% in a 14 year SIP and 31.92% in a 10 year SIP. PLus you have had the benefit of ELSS / Tax Saving.

HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund – This fund also lacked in its performance in the past 12 months, when compared to Top 200 and Equity. However, we are all here to make money in the Long Run and don’t loose you heart as the fund continues to beat Benchmark. HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund has yielded a SIP return of 30.58% in the last 10 years.

Reliance Growth Fund – This fund is riding the Midcap story and the portfolio is skewed towards it. Data Suggests that 15 year SIP has yielded 33.54% while lumpsum investment has yielded 29.8%.

HSBC Equity Fund – We recommended this first in 2007 and since then the performance of the fund is acceptable though not as Good as compared to HDFC Funds. What we hate is the fact that the AMC is not reporting SIP returns since inception, denying information means poor performance. [Existing investors can continue with the SIP, while fresh exposure can be avoided in this Fund]

So investors with long term horizon can continue to invest in HDFC and Reliance Funds reviewed above. Questions and Comments, welcome.

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