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HDFC + HSBC SIP Investment Review

February 6, 2009

The Indian markets continued to slide / move sideways in a narrow range amidst global uncertainty and poor economic conditions.

For the first time you will see SIP Investments fairing poorer compared to Lumpsum investment in some funds. This doesn’t mean you stop your SIPs, No way!!! Here is the performance of the funds we have recommended in the past in Q4-2008.

HDFC Equity Fund’s Lumpsum Investment 10 years ago yielded 28.38% while SIP investment yielded 23.84%.
HDFC Top 200 Fund – Performance
HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund – Lumpsum investment since inception yielded 25.47% while SIP investment yielded 22.44%.
HDFC Tax Saver Fund – Performance

HSBC Equity Fund has give an return of 17.84% in the last 5 years as on Dec-2008.Kindly continue with your SIP as this is the time when you will accumulate lot of units / wealth at cheaper price.


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  1. samiran on January 5th, 2011 1:02 PM

    i want invest in sip.which fund will give me more return.investment period will be 3to4years

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