HDFC Fund Review – FY2008

We have been recommending investing in HDFC Funds. It is time that we presented the performance review for FY-2008. As you all know about the correction that happened in Global market didn’t spare Dalal Street as well 🙂

HDFC Equity Fund:
The fund has delivered 23.60% returns for investors since inception. However, SIP investors continue to make merry by fetching returns of 32.30% as on March-08.

HDFC Top 200 Fund:
This fund is rated 5 stars [*****] and is one of the best performing funds in India. Benchmarked against BSE 200, the fund has been consistently beating the benchmark delivering solid returns for investors. Top-200 fund has given returns of 27.35% since inception for original investors. While SIP investors have made 30.86%.

HDFC Tax Saver Fund:
This fund has also performed consistently delivering unbelievable returns of 35.48% for lump sum investors who invested in NFO and 38.99% for SIP investors. In addition to this, your investment would have qualified for Section 80CC Income Tax benefit.

HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund:
This fund is the youngest from the HDFC stable on which we have a recommendation. Lumpsum NFO investors made 36.65% while SIP investors made 39.27%. This fund qualifies for IT benefits under 80CC.

HSBC Equity Fund:
We are initiating coverage on HSBC Equity Fund with a SIP subscribe recommendation. We haver eviewed the performance of this fund for the past 5 years and fully satisfied by the performance and portfolio along with the process the fund house follows. [process is very important in the event of Turmoil in the markets]

HSBC Equity fund has delivered 52.09% returns since inception and SIP investors stand to gain by 42.93%. This is the youngest fund in our recommendation list.

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