2015 Growth at Any Cost for Indian Economy

In a world struggling for growth, India stands out. Promising medium-term prospects come from an extremely low base, and a stark improvement in state-level governance. Credit Suisse economists project India to see the fastest USD nominal GDP growth in 2015, with the growth gap between India and the rest of the world expanding.

CS Views on Global Linkage, (more…)

Birth of Small Finance Banks & Payment Banks in India

To cover the continuously growing population of India by Banking services, the RBI has finalized two types of new banks – Payment banks (PB) and Small Finance Banks (SFBs) as the way forward.

PBs will provide basic set of functionality – small savings accounts with a maximum amount of INR 0.1mn per account, ATM cards (more…)

India Private Sector Banks Gain Market / Profit Share

Indian Private Sector Banks - ReviewThe H1-2015 earnings from Indian Banks confirm acceleration in market share gains for private banks given the rising capital constraints and stressed financials of PSU banks. Private banks have taken a 30% share of incremental loans in past 12 months and 50% share of loans in last six months, as compared to their market share of 20% of the total banking system loans.

While, private banks have even historically had (more…)

Black Money Taxation can Wipe Out India’s Fiscal Deficit

The White Paper on Black Money[Non Tax Paid] in India makes for very good background reading on various ways of generating black money: the paper focuses on black money generated via non-disclosure to public authorities rather than that generated from illegal activities.

How is Black Money Generated in India ?
Eighteen ways of manipulating accounts to (more…)

India Begins a new Journey Towards $5 Trillion Economy

Rise of Indian EconomyAfter a productive boom period during 2003-2007 with high growth and moderate inflation, India has been facing a stagflation type environment since 2008 with the Corrupt Congress Government at the helm of affairs, and a persistent slowdown in growth alongside high inflation. The agenda driven politicians in Congress caused (a) a sharp increase in rural wages, (b) a high fiscal deficit, (c) a decline in private investment, and (d) weaker external demand.

Worst Is Behind UsWith the progressive BJP Government all set to be installed within the next few days, expect the Structural Growth (more…)

RBI Favors Gradual Lifting of Gold Import Curbs on Indian Banks

Gold Imports IndiaThe Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed five more banks to import gold to ease the restrictions that have been imposed on the precious yellow metal last year.

The RBI has permitted gold imports by Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Yes Bank.

The 80:20 rule that was imposed on gold last year states that 20% of all gold imports in India have to be re-exported. Under this rule, only (more…)