Buy Commemorative Coins – Indian Council of Medical Research + Civil Aviation + Comptroller Auditor General

Earlier this year, we started recommending you to invest some part of your small savings in BUYING Commemorative Coin Sets of India [Kindly Read it]

Today we’d like to share that 3 more sets of Coin Booking are Open from the India Government Mint. The following two are open from IG Mint Mumbai – 100 Years of Indian Council of Medical Research and 100 Years of Civil Aviation. You can download the forms [PDF] here and BUY 1 Proof and 1 UNC Set as Investment. Coin Booking ends on June-30th, so kindly hurry up. Even if you take the DD on June 30th and Post it on July 1st they will accept your application.

India Government Mint Kolkata is accepting (more…)

Cement Companies Found Guilty of Caretalisation by CCI – Corrupt Govt Slept with Companies ?

AS the Government went into Paralysis with Scams and massive Corruption in every nook and corner of the country, Regulators became super active. Thanks to the Honorable Supreme Court of India delivering Landmark judgement in Telecom Spectrum Scam which gave a big boost to other Lower Courts and other Institutions to deliver Justice without any fear or greed.

A year ago, we had published the dark side of Union Minister KamalNath openly demanding his cut in awarding Highway Tenders. During his regime as Commerce Minister (more…)

Pranab Mukherjee + Dr Subbarao – Miserable Guards of Indian Monetary System

You may heave heard in the news, read here about empty promises coming from the office of octogenarian Finance Minister Mr. Mukherjee curtailing Inflation. Rubbing salt on the woulds of Common Man’s concern on inflation is yet another rubber stamp kind of an authority, Dr Subbarrao, Governor of RBI. Both of them have neither been able to handle the inflation, rupee, GDP growth, etc nor frame any far reaching policy measures. Data suggests that in the last 12 months the average WPI / Inflation has been at a whopping 8.3%. Latest number for May-12 being 7.5% [YoY Growth]

Indian Inflation in the past 12 Months is Higher than the GDP Growth(recorded at 5.3% latest quarter on yearly basis). (more…)

Key Concerns of S&P On India

The S&P report indicated that how the government reacts to the current slowdown – and any external shocks – would determine, in large part, whether India can maintain its investment-grade rating or, as the report put it, become the first fallen angel among the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations. India’s current sovereign rating is BBB- , one downgrade away from losing investment-grade status.

S&P is mainly worried (more…)