Buy Commemorative Coins – Indian Council of Medical Research + Civil Aviation + Comptroller Auditor General

Earlier this year, we started recommending you to invest some part of your small savings in BUYING Commemorative Coin Sets of India [Kindly Read it]

Today we’d like to share that 3 more sets of Coin Booking are Open from the India Government Mint. The following two are open from IG Mint Mumbai – 100 Years of Indian Council of Medical Research and 100 Years of Civil Aviation. You can download the forms [PDF] here and BUY 1 Proof and 1 UNC Set as Investment. Coin Booking ends on June-30th, so kindly hurry up. Even if you take the DD on June 30th and Post it on July 1st they will accept your application.

India Government Mint Kolkata is accepting orders for the following Commemorative Coin Sets – 150 Years of Comptroller and Auditor General of India and it is Re-accepting the booking for 150 Years of Income Tax in India. You can download the forms for both of them here [PDF]. Last Date of booking is July 28th.

So what is the RoI or Yield for collecting / investing in commemorative coins ?
Here is a Coin Collector. His name is Mr. Jain and he is from Hissar. He has collected each and every Proof copy of commemorative coin sets from 1969 till 2011. A total of 67 Sets and he is selling the same for Rs 13.50 Lakh. But if you want to do the transaction offline, it can be done at Rs 12.00 Lakh. [Contact feedback at] for more details. His investment has been just Rs 68,045 out of which Rs 21,280 has been in the last 1 year itself.

Some coins are really very Antique as these have been struck against Order so their is no surplus available anywhere in the world, thus the exponential demand. We have spent a fortune to get authentic data on how many sets were struck by the mints for each of the commemorative coin sets and is available for sale – contact feedback at

We recommend our readers to subscribe to these coin sets. Questions, Comments and Critics are most welcome.