Voltamp Transformer – Electrifying Results

Voltamp’s net sales increased by 10.4% Y-o-Y to Rs.1351.4 mn in Q4FY08, largely on the back of better price realisations. EBIDTA increased to Rs.334.3 mn in Q4FY08, at 46.1% Y-o-Y growth. EBIDTA margins improved by around 606 bps YoY to 24.7%, mainly due to better price realizations, which led to substantial decrease in raw material cost as a percentage of sales (from 81.3% in Q4FY07 to 75.3% in Q4FY08).

Voltamp’s PAT during Q4FY08 increased to Rs.216.3 mn in Q4FY08. For the full year FY08, the company showed a growth in net sales of 36.9% to Rs. 5553.5 mn. Its EBITDA increased 92.1% from Rs.613.5 mn to Rs.1178.6 mn while it’s adjusted PAT increased from Rs.393.6 mn to Rs.799.0 mn, showing a growth of 103%. The EPS for the full year stood at Rs.79 as against Rs.38.9 last year, registering a growth of around 102.9% Y-o-Y.

Voltamp Transformer’s order backlog as of 8th May 2008 stood at around Rs.4485.1 mn