Insight into Gujarat Tarnsformed – Courtesy Narendra Modi

The Central Government is Paralyzed. Scam after Scam have been unearthed yet their is no sense of Shame or Embarrassment and the Greed for Power is at Peak. Bureaucracy / Secretaries [Brain Child of Indian National Congress] has acknowledged that they are not going to be hands on as their are being made scapegoats of Scams & Controversies [A Detailed Article will soon be posted on this]. Contrary to this, we would like to enlighten readers about a leader who assumed office in the state of Gujarat, which was in worse shape than rest of India is today – Shri Narendra Modi.

Initial Challenges for Modi was the devastating Earthquake, Drought (both in 2001), and Failure of Madhabpura Co-operative Bank along with 123 other urban co-operative banks. The entire administrative machinery was pooled together to deal with the first two situations along with common people. World Bank estimated it will take 7 Long Years for the State of Gujarat to recover. Modi was determined as a Now or Never Opportunity had knocked his door and he turned around the State of Gujarat in three years flat. Rainfall was good next year to solve the water problem. Modi took some harsh decision to restore the credibility of co-operative movement – including banning loans to Directors, 50% cut in staff strength and 50% cut in salary and turned around the sector.

FreePress India has an excellent Coverage on Industrialization of Gujarat by Innovation and Inclusion.

Some of the most Notable Quotes of Shri Narendar Modi which should be put into practice by PM Manmohan Singh and his Cabinet Colleagues are as follows,

Rules should leave minimum scope for grey areas

No one state can fully replicate the model of another. Even within Gujarat, the Development Model for Bhavnagar is different than that for Ahmedabad

In Gujarat, PSUs and even the government itself have a business-like approach

Compulsory Voting needs to be seriously considered as we are too concerned about or right but negligent about our duties

Narendra Modi is definitely a man who fits Doers Profile and not that of a Puppet ;-). Should he be elevated to Govern India rather than just Gujarat ?

One thought on “Insight into Gujarat Tarnsformed – Courtesy Narendra Modi

  1. Shri Narendar Modi is getting one more opportunity to lead India in position of PM now or never to remove the corruption in country and bring prosperity in India similar to Gujarat.

    This will happen with all our support, do support him.

    We have seen enough & heard about old spineless leaders:

    1) Manmohan singh(Economist, but inflation stays high, prices rocks to top, All top most scams happen in his rule either as PM(….) or FM(stock market scam…..) and gives a statement saying i am helpless…

    2) Advani(Nava Sardar vallabhai patel, but he was hopeless when terrorists are attacked multiple times, who would object him, if he allowed military operation when the flight got hijacked?, few passengers will die, but they lost their lives for country, they & their family members & whole india will be proud of them similar to our jawans , we could have think about attacking Pak, but never should not think to attack Afghan….)

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