HDFC + ICICI + Reliance – Investor Unfriendly

India’s leading Asset Management Companies [HDFC, ICICI and Reliance] have come together to oppose the Entry Load Waiver that SEBI and AMFI suggested. SEBI said that it was unnecessary to charge Entry Load to informed customers who can select funds and decide on their own.

This whole thing looks like a Big CARTEL being formed by Asset Management Companies and Mutual Fund Distributors. For a minute, lets forget New Fund Offerings, where there is a bigger scam. May I know the reason behind imposing a 2.25% entry load to SIP investors ? God dam AMCs we have been SIP investors since 2003. Check this e-mail sent to readers of our group.

Requesting Attention of Our Readers:
After a careful investigation, we decided to file a petition against AMC and Mutual Fund Distributor nexus prevailing in the Indian Capital Market. You are kindly requested to sign this petition and we will forward the same to SEBI, AMFI, Finance Minsitry and also AMCs.

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