Why DalalStreet Rejected Corrupt Congress & is Voting for BJP ?

Corrupt Congress Party IndiaFast economic development is critical to ensure employment for the youth and security of the country. India is currently going through one of the worst phases as far as economic development is concerned. High inflation and low growth have led to stagnation in job creation. The social impact of the economic crisis is frightening – as shown by increasing number of suicides and skyrocketing crime graph.

The present economic crisis in India is due to policy paralysis of the Corrupt Congress led UPA government resulting from high level of corruption and lack of vision for the country.

Statesman Atal Bihari Vajapyee’s Rule Golden Era of Progressive Reforms in India
The BJP led NDA government had written a golden story of India’s economic growth and kept inflation under tight control. His Government constructed so many highways (World Class Quality) in just 5 years which is equivalent to what Corrupt Congress did in 55 years.

GDP: When NDA started its government in 1998, the GDP growth rate was merely 4.5%. With much hard work, the NDA took the GDP to higher levels and by 2004, it had risen to 8.5%. Even the UPA government had conceded that they had inherited a very healthy economy from NDA in 2004. After ten years of UPA misrule, the GDP has fallen back to 4.5% in 2013-14.

Inflation During BJP led Government of his excellency Atal Ji
2000 – 4.02 %
2001 – 3.77 %
2002 – 4.31 %
2003 – 3.81 %
2004 – 3.77 %

The Congress Led UPA Mis-Governance
The average inflation of India in 2009 – 10.83 %
The average inflation of India in 2010 – 12.11 %
The average inflation of India in 2011: 8.87 %

The GDP during 2012-13 is estimated at 5% as compared to a growth rate of 6.2 per cent in 2011-12,” according to the Advanced Estimates released by the (CSO).

It is time to bring a positive change in India. India’s growth story needs to be written again. The BJP has done this in the past and can do it again under the leadership of Narendra Modi who has rewritten the success story of Gujarat as the most prosperous state of India.

We would request you to vote for a prosperous India by casting your valuable vote to BJP in General Elections 2014 and be a part of the India’s growth story.