Discplined SIP a Must – Wealth Creation

One of this blog’s reader / mutual fund investor asked me on if he should switch-out of HSBC Equity Fund and Reliance Growth Fund which have been downgraded by Dhirendra Kumar @ Value Research.

Well Dhirendra certainly is a Sr. Analyst but we differ from his frequent upgrading and downgrading of Funds. We are also seeing that HDFC Top 200 is back to 5 Star Rating so is HDFC Prudence fund. [They were at 4 Star for few weeks] This swift rating change has confused some investors. Please don’t be, continue to invest regularly despite difficult times and uncertainty in the market.

In one of the previous posts, I have written about HDFC’s process. The internal process in the AMC is designed & in place in such a way that the outcome to investors may not get the best in the industrybut you will certainly be in the Top-5 is my conviction.

Latest Return over Investment Reviews of,

Except for HSBC Equity, which is relatively new [6 years of track record] all the other funds have given higher returns for SIP investors. Questions, Comments and Critics can be sent to feedback @ dalalstreet dot biz.