Foreign Investors [FII] Equity Data – First Half 2012

Foreign Institutional Investors – FII Investments in India stands at 15.7% is near its historic high. Insurance holdings of Indian equities at 5.9% are at an all time high. Mutual fund holdings at 3.7% are well off the highs though.

Portfolio Strategy
Over Mar-12 to June -12, FIIs increased their holdings in Consumer Staples, Utilities and Health Care sectors, while they reduced holding in Industrials, IT Services and Financials sectors. At the aggregate level, FIIs are currently overweight Financials and Consumer Discretionary and underweight Energy, IT Services and Industrials vs. the MSCI India benchmark.

Over Mar-12 to June -12, Insurance companies increased their holdings in most sectors with the exception of Consumer Staples and Health Care.

Over Mar-12to June -12, Mutual funds increased their holdings in Industrials, Telecom and Financials while reduced holdings in Health care, Energy and IT Services sectors.

At the aggregate level, domestic institutions are overweight Consumer Staples, Energy & Utilities and underweight Financials, Consumer Discretionary and Health Care in relation to the benchmark Nifty Index.

As on July-1-2012, FIIs have bought US$10.3 bn of Indian equities and it is really a commendable job they are doing as the weak Indian Rupee is helping them BUY Indians Stocks very cheap.